Our Methodology - The Science of the Search

Initial Meeting

In a detailed planning session with your key executives and decision makers, we obtain an understanding of your business, goals and corporate culture. We want their opinions and need their support before the search begins, during the process, and after the successful candidate joins your firm. This total buy-in from all team members helps ensure success.

Develop the Position Description

We work with you to identify your company's needs and requirements, determine the responsibilities and objectives of the position, consult with you regarding the desired educational requirements, personal characteristics, attributes, and relevant industry experience of the potential candidate. Finally, we work closely with you to carefully determine and calibrate measurements for performance and success.  Then the search begins.

Recruitment Process

Operating with a high sense of urgency, Lefeber & Associates develops a customized search plan including a list of target companies. We utilize our extensive network of “A Player” candidates and contacts and in conjunction with advanced tools and on-line resources we identify a broad list of candidates. We confidentially and aggressively pursue and vet candidates for the position narrowing the list down to the very best.  After interviewing, assessing and completing reference checks the finalists are presented to the client.


We firmly believe in "no surprises" and stay in close contact with you during the entire search process. We provide frequent updates and reports entailing pertinent details on the progress of the search.

The Close

We understand the negotiation process and help collaborate with our client to structure offer terms and execute the CLOSE with finalist candidate.

Follow Up

We closely track and advise the successful candidate through the resignation process to ensure a smooth transition into your company.